How is the Circumoral and Smile Aesthetics Performed?
How is the Circumoral and Smile Aesthetics Performed?

Everyone wants to have straight teeth, a flawless and aesthetic smile. However, sometimes we can feel uncomfortable with our smile. Dermatology Specialist Dr. Saliha Kırbaş told all the questions about mouth and smile aesthetics for you.

The mouth is an important organ in the communication of individuals with the social environment. It is one of the most important areas when speaking. Lip, skin, jaw and tooth structure; These are the areas that should be evaluated together in oral aesthetics. A lip augmentation alone does not have a significant place in smile aesthetics. One of the most common problems in oral aesthetics is the wrinkles in the area called the nasolabial region. These are not real wrinkles. It occurs when the fat pads on the cheeks slide down and to the side in line with aging, loss of elasticity and gravity. In these cases, there are two options for treatment: Liquid face lift on the cheeks with fillers or thread lift methods. The filling applied to the nasolabial region will not be an adequate solution as it will not eliminate the problem. The filling made on the cheekbones of the cheeks helps us to achieve the desired result by pulling the cheeks and therefore the nasolabial folds to the side and up, with the volume and stretching effect it provides.

Thread Lift Method

In cases where sagging is a little more advanced, thread lift methods are preferred. The main features of these threads; In addition to being soluble, biocompatible with the tissue, sterile, non-pyrogenic when put into the tissue, the threads provide a tight binding effect to the tissue thanks to their notched fishbones. The aim here is to provide a suspending effect on the tissue, to pull up the existing sagging and to prevent the reoccurrence of the sagging for 1-2 years, thanks to these threads placed under the skin. This permanence and duration of effect; It varies according to the technique used, the duration of the thread and the amount of thread used. Thread application is a painless method when performed with local anesthesia. It is possible to observe the suspending effect after the procedure. During an average of 3 months, this effect continues to increase and the fibrosis that it has started on the skin continues and the tightening effect is maintained.

It is Possible to Get Rid of Lines on the Lips

Vertical lines on the upper lip; called cigarette lines or barcode lines. These lines are actually a mimic wrinkle, except for always smoking, and develop more quickly in individuals who constantly use the lip movement. In such cases, primarily; Low-dose botox is preferred, which does not prevent muscle movement, does not affect the muscles of speech and laughter on the lips, but creates a slight stretching effect on the skin. After Botox, the remaining wrinkle areas are filled with fine fillers and the wrinkle is tried to be eliminated. However, rejuvenation procedures such as mesotherapy, needle radio frequency (golden needle), fractional laser and PRP will increase the quality of botox and filling process. These transactions are; These are treatments that initiate a warning to renew the skin and increase collagen synthesis, and prevent fine wrinkles and sagging by tightening the skin. When applied before filling and botox, they help to get more successful results as they increase skin quality.

What is Lip Filler?

Lip augmentation is a common and demanded application. Lip augmentation can be applied to patients whose lips are very thin or whose appearance does not satisfy them, who want volume or shaping, or who have asymmetry. Ratio of lower and upper lips; Fillings made by considering the harmony of the chin and nose meet the expectation. Unpleasant lip images caused by exaggeration and misapplication worry people who have never had an application. Therefore, there must be a harmonious and expectant relationship between the patient and the doctor. Sometimes, a two-stage filling application may be preferred in order to respond to expectations.

Do not afraid of showing your teeth

Rabbit teeth are the teeth in the foreground due to the upper lip being lifted too much during laughing. Some individuals may be uncomfortable with this appearance. In order to correct this situation called rabbit teeth, the lips can be lowered a little with the botox application between the edges of the nose in smile aesthetics. Again, if the harmony between the teeth and lips is achieved with dental aesthetics, the chance of success increases. The lips are not the only reason for this look. If there is a long and curved tooth structure that protrudes too much forward, this also needs to be corrected.

Waxing applications are the main cause of spots!

The spots around the mouth are also important in smile aesthetics. Only in localized spots around the mouth, spots may remain due to reasons such as wax, wet wipes, toothpaste, acne, eczema. Hot and glaze wax applications on the lips are among the most common causes of spots. In such cases, laser hair removal may be preferred instead of waxing. Again, allergies, called chronic dermatitis, are among the causes of spots in the darkness around the mouth. The main reasons for this are toothpaste, wet wipes, make-up materials and peelings. It may be recommended to ask for hormone tests in the treatment approach, as acnes that appear very intensely in the chin area cause spots and scars, as well as an indicator of hormone disorder. In such cases, we can achieve a brighter and healthier appearance by treating the spots after the treatment for the cause. It is used for spot treatments in applications such as peeling, mesotherapy, PRP, carbon peeling.

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