What do Dermatologists Deal With?

"Physicians who want to become a dermatologist in our country, after completing their 6-year medical school education, pass the TUS (medical specialization exam) and complete a 4-year specialization training "Skin and Venereal Diseases Specialist" or "Dermatology Specialist"</strong > they get the title.

Dermatologists treat all kinds of diseases related to skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes, venereal diseases, diseases transmitted by sexual contact, diseases of the mouth and tongue. Dermatologists, whose area of ​​expertise is skin, are naturally the cornerstones of aesthetic dermatology.

We apply our diagnosis and treatments in the light of scientific and evidence-based medical data in our clinic.

The most important factor that determines our service quality is the treatment that starts with a correct diagnosis after a good dermatological examination. We review our treatment options with our patients and decide together, and together we determine the appropriate treatment protocols for our patients.

With our professional experience, in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases, blood tests, dermatoscopic examination of moles, diagnosis and treatment of fungal bacteria and demodex pathogens with microscopic examination, and the diagnosis of some diseases such as vitiligo can be made with wood light examination. In mole treatments, excisional biopsy (surgical mole removal), burning with laser and/or cautery or cryotherapy (drying with cold spray) is performed after the mole examination. Punch biopsy and pathological examination are performed for the diagnosis of many dermatological diseases.

Today, medical applications and cosmetic procedures also take their share from rapidly changing and developing technologies. Thanks to these innovations that we follow closely, we offer our patients the quality they deserve. In our clinic, we provide fractional laser, gold needle, laser epilation (alexandrite, Nd:YAG, diode laser), laser lipolysis, Nd:YAG and IPL vascular laser, BBL laser, q-switched laser, skin lightening and spot treatment, innofacial skin care services. .

In addition to anti-aging treatments such as Botox, filler, mesotherapy, youth vaccine, collagen vaccine, dermaroller, rope suspension methods are also applied.

Wounds, burns, surgery and acne scars, crack treatments are treated by applying combined treatments with methods such as fractional laser gold needle and prp and mesotherapy.

Wounds, burns, surgery and acne scars, crack treatments are treated by applying combined treatments with methods such as fractional laser gold needle and prp and mesotherapy. Prp, mesotherapy, intralesional injection treatments are applied in addition to medical treatments for the cause and target of hair loss after dermatological examination.

In addition to IPL and Q-switched laser support, we also combine treatments such as carbon peeling, enzymatic peels and mesotherapy, dermaroller and prp in spot treatments.

In skin diseases such as acne, skin care, carbon peeling, pore tightening, reduction of acne scars and redness with gold needle, rapid treatment of acne with chemical peeling are performed in support of the examination and treatment we provide for acne. Many treatment options for scar treatments after acne treatment are made by planning patient-specific combination treatments.

With the medical foot care application in our clinic, many problems such as nail fungus, ingrown nails, callus warts can be eliminated with medical and / or surgical methods or laser treatments. Let's not forget that the secret of professional medical care is a good dermatological diagnosis and treatment, and the correct diagnosis is the first step of treatment.


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