A Good Skin Care is Hidden in Details. Why?

Skin care is an application that every woman wants to do often, whether professional or not. Most of the time, this deficiency is tried to be eliminated with the masks obtained from natural and additive-free products that are prepared at home. However, the important thing in skin care is that the contents that are suitable for your needs should be applied on the skin correctly by ensuring the most appropriate skin cleaning. For this purpose, if the acid-containing products added to the masks prepared at home are not suitable for the skin pH (acid ratio), they may cause burns on your skin, and they may leave traces and spots. In addition, sunspots may develop when the content that should be applied at night are applied during the day and exposed to the sun. Again, heavy oily products applied on oily skin can cause acne and the formation of open and closed milia. On dry skin, peeling processes such as peeling, which dries the sebum of the skin, can cause it to dry and crack. It is useful to know that those who have rosacea disease and have a history of allergies should be careful when doing such applications and they may increase their current complaints.

In professional skin care, the upper layer of the skin is removed from chemicals such as environmental pollution and make-up, as well as the dead cells of the epidermis in the upper layer. Closed and open pores are cleaned and the treatment is terminated by applying masks to increase absorption by applying serums containing moisture, nourishing vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, which are selected according to the needs of the skin.

The products you need and suitable for your skin type are the applications with satisfactory results in professional hands if healthy and hygienic products produced according to your skin structure, which have passed reliability tests, are preferred.

In skin care treatments (innofacial, hydrafacial, aquapeel, etc.) performed with the device, the patient's comfort is high, and the absorption of the desired serum under the skin with the help of vacuum more intensely affects the results positively. Here, it is possible to achieve the desired success by using serums with different contents according to the basic needs at every stage. Preferably, we treat our patients with skin care devices such as innofacial in our clinic.

A good skin care is hidden in details. Professional treatments not only protect you from applications that may end in disappointment, but also provide you with a bright and healthy skin.

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