Do you think that we give our hands and feet the value they deserve?

Or do neglected problems and treatments applied incorrectly by incompetent people return to you as bigger problems?

What is Medical Hand - Foot Care?

Dermatology (skin diseases) a clinical branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases not only in the skin but also in the nails, hair, and mucosal areas.

Medical hand-foot care covers all of the hand-foot health, diagnosis, treatment, protective and preventive care. It is an application where the multidisciplinary approach of dermatology is required.

For this purpose, professional diagnosis and treatment of some diseases such as diabetic foot, ingrown nails, nail deformity, nail thickening, calluses, warts, fungus, skin disorders due to circulatory disorders, psoriasis on the hands, feet and nails, keratoderma, and vitiligo should only be done by dermatologists.

Unconscious applications and mistreatment of diabetic wounds, some types of nevus and cancers, and psoriasis patients located in these areas can lead to undesirable and dramatic results.

In medical hand-foot care, your treatment protocols are determined in line with the diagnosis made by your dermatologist. However, in problems such as diabetic foot, your dermatologist may periodically recommend to take an expert opinion, treatment and diagnostic tests from other clinical branches such as internal medicine, infectious diseases, cardiovascular surgery, neurology, and orthopedics. It should not be forgotten that diabetic foot and many foot ulcers can be resolved with a multidisciplinary approach.

Do not forget to get information from your dermatologist for on-site and professional treatments.

You can ask our doctor what you are wondering.
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