Contrary to popular belief, carbon peeling is a laser application. It is not a real peeling application. Thus, 1064 nm Q-switched Nd-YAG lasers are used.

A carbon mask applied to the skin before the procedure is left for a while, and the mask integrates with the skin. Especially, the upper layer of the skin integrates with the epidermis. After the mask is dried, it is cleaned from the skin via laser. As the carbon particles blasted with laser start a regeneration process on the skin surface, it also reduces the distribution of spots on the skin.

After the regeneration process initiated on the skin, the skin color becomes lighter, the number of spots reduces, the skin tone becomes even, and a more homogeneous appearance is obtained. The pores on the skin are tightened, sebum secretion is reduced, the skin gets a vivid, bright, and healthy appearance. It is often used as a supporter of acne treatment, as it has positive contributions in regulating sebum secretion. Since Q-switched laser systems also eliminate the capillaries, they are preferred as a treatment option for the patients with facial redness complaints and red spots that are not eliminated after acnes.

Sessions are determined according to needs between 3 and 10 sessions with 10-15 days intervals. Except for a slight burning sensation during the session, there is no pain. It is a comfortable application for the patient. After the procedure, there is no redness, denudation, or incrustation. The application period is between 10 and 20 minutes. Since there are no side effects such as skin redness, irritation, and denudation after the procedure, our patients can continue their daily lives after the procedure without delay. In addition to the vitality, brightness, luminosity, and homogeneous appearance of the skin, which started right after the procedure and gradually become more evident within days, our patients began to notice that the oiliness on their skin decreased and the formation of new acnes decreased over time. After the procedure, there is no need for any special care, apart from the sunscreens and daily care as recommended by your doctor. Thus, it is such an application that is done frequently in the summer months.

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