Prp is an application that is briefly described as the process of reintroducing the platelet cells obtained from your own blood to the body. However, PRP is a reliable and effective treatment option that has taken place in many medical applications. Its therapeutic power is already provided via the therapeutic cells in the own blood of the patient.

The patient’s blood is drawn into approved, licensed tubes developed for human health. After the centrifugation process is completed, blood is obtained in 3 separate layers in the tube. The dark red part at the bottom of the tube is the part where primarily our red blood cells and also other cells are also found. This part is not used in treatment. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) part used in the treatment is over this part. This part contains a large amount of platelets. This is the main part used for the treatment. The uppermost part is the platelet-poor plasma part. This part can also be included in the treatment most of the time. Doctors may sometimes prefer to apply these parts to the skin surface together with dermapen, golden needles, frax laser, and mask applications.

It should be noted that the tubes used are sterile (free of microbes), non-pyrogenic (which does not contain content that will cause fever, inflammation and disease in the body), containing anticoagulants of the ideal ratio and characteristics for blood decomposition, and in vivo use (which meets the criteria for returning to the human body). Unfortunately, since the appearance is very similar to laboratory tubes, they are the target of applications under the counter. These tubes, which are very cheap but not suitable for human health, are used, and patient health is ignored. It should be known that it is a safe application when applied safely.

Apart from dermatological applications in medicine, it has also taken place in orthopedics, physical therapy, sports injuries, dentistry, wound and diabetic foot ulcers, burn dressings among the preferred treatment options.

In dermatology, it is used in many fields for both cosmetic and medical purposes.

It is used in the treatment of skin fractures, wounds, burns, surgery, acne scars, both alone and in combination with applications such as golden needle, dermapen, and fractional laser.

It is used to tighten the skin, stimulate new collagen synthesis, increase fibroblast activity, and prevent sagging.

It is applied subcutaneously via injection. Since platelets in serum are large molecules, they are not absorbed through normal skin. Subcutaneous injection is preferred to achieve the most efficient effect. Sometimes, in order to increase absorption, absorption is provided by means of needle radiofrequency (golden needle), fractional laser and dermapen via the pores opened in the skin. Serum begins to show its effect in an average of 3 days. The stimulation of collagen synthesis initiated reaches the maximum level within a month. PRP is an application where you can see its effects in the long term.

Generally, the response is more successful in the younger patient group. The success rate increases in the presence of active working and fibroblasts. The cellular response to PRP also decreases, as it also decreases fibroblast activity, which decreases with age.

In hair loss, weakened hair follicles are strengthened by the growth factors secreted from platelet cells.

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