False Facts in the Protection and Treatment of Tinea Pedis

Fungus tends to settle in moist and airtight areas of our body, such as between the toes, armpits, and groin. It can also infect people from Turkish bath, sauna, gym, common used clothes, fibers, towels, and shoes. At the beginning of fungal treatment, measures to prevent prevention from the causes that lead to this type of infection come to the fore.

Since fungus often causes itching, anti-itching and cortisone-containing creams can be used without the supervision of a doctor. When cortisone is used for a long time without control, it causes effects such as thinning of the skin, fractures, vascularization, susceptibility to infections, and increased hair growth. It does not treat fungus, but only relieves itching, but also causes the fungus to become more severe as it weakens the immune system.

When the fungus is left untreated, it intensifies and creates fractures on the skin. With the scratching effect, the skin becomes damaged and open to microbial infections. This is extremely important for diabetics. Fungus should be treated simultaneously with the infection.

Fungal creams or pills should be used regularly under the supervision of a doctor. At the beginning of the mistakes made, the risk of reformation of the fungus increases in the treatments that are stopped after the itching complaints are eliminated, however, resistance to the fungus treatment develops over time. According to the severity of the fungus, do not delay our treatment for the period specified by your doctor, which covers a period of at least 1 month.

At the same time, fungus in the areas other than the feet should be treated simultaneously. Contrary to the known, in case the fungus on the foot is treated, the fungus or infection will not leak from another part of the body. There are already untreated fungi in that area.

Fungi, if any, of other members of the family should be treated simultaneously.

Shoes must be disinfected, preferably by using vinegar water or bicarbonate. When the shoes are left in the shoe rack for a long time, dark, airless and humid environment will trigger the fungal growth again. Thus, shoes should be ventilated at the balcony under the sun from time to time.

Re-contamination measures should be taken to prevent fungal infection. One of these is not to use the personal belongings of others such as shoes, slippers, socks. Not to step barefoot in common areas such as Turkish bath, sauna, gym, school, swimming pool, and to use our own slippers and towels in the shower. If precautions such as wearing socks while trying on shoes at the shopping malls are taken, the difficult and troublesome process of fungus will be protected.

You can ask our doctor what you are wondering.
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