Harper’s Bazaar October 2019
Harper’s Bazaar October 2019

Targeted by Anti-Aging

“Fibroblasts are responsible for synthesizing subcutaneous connective tissue material. In the connective tissue, there are hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin fibers. These are responsible for preventing tissue sagging and maintaining its elasticity. Hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, is a molecule that acts as a cement between cells, ensures the transfer of nutrients from the external environment into the cell, and retains water. With age, the number and functions of fibroblasts gradually decrease due to the planned cell death, which we call apoptosis. These are the cells that are the target of subcutaneous regeneration treatments. For this purpose, applications such as prp (platelet rich plasma), mesotherapy, youth vaccine, collagen vaccine, fractional laser, needle radiofrequency are preferred. The general purpose of these applications is to ensure the regeneration of fibroblast cells, which decrease in both number and function with age. It is to stimulate more collagen and hyaluronic acid secretion. At the same time, it is to contribute to repairing the lost tissue integrity by replacing the collagen and hyaluronic acid that have decreased with the collagen and youth vaccine.”

Age Interval

“There is no age limit determined by definite rules in aesthetic applications. Problems such as birthmarks, scars, structural deformities, prominent ears that disrupt social harmony even at childhood can be treated without waiting for advanced ages. Age-related questions are among the most frequently asked questions in antiaging treatments. In fact, considering the progressive process of aging, it is not too late for anything. The purpose of aesthetic applications is not only to look beautiful, but sometimes to slow down the aging process. For this reason, when we evaluate our clients about aesthetic application, we provide two-stage information about the applications. First, we decide how we can solve the current problem. The most preferred methods for problems such as wrinkles, sagging, spots, loss of elasticity and tissue loss are treatments such as botox, filler, thread lift, fractional laser, needle radiofrequency. In the second stage, we provide information on how to slow down the aging process and prevent its reoccurrence or how to take precautions by predicting the expected aging process in young clients. Aesthetic practice is done whenever you say “I need it”. What determines the need is what you see in the mirror. Every time you look in the mirror, you only see bruises and bags under the eyes and nothing else, then new applications should be taken for your under-eye treatment.

Aesthetic Consultancy

“While providing aesthetic counseling services, the priorities of my clients are also my priorities. Even if you make the world's most perfect under-eye filler or botox for a patient who is only bothered by his nose in the mirror, he will not be happy. But it is not right to fill this patient just because he wants it. Because nose filling is an application for aesthetic purposes only. In case of deviation or nasal obstruction, surgery is recommended. Again, in this patient, when the face is approached with a holistic view, the necessary application should be made after the forehead, nose, lip and even cheek ratios are evaluated. We have patients who get rid of the disproportionate appearance of their nose that bothers them by only making cheek and mid-face fillings. No matter how successful the excessive, too many applications are, when he changes the expression, it can create unhappiness when it is beyond the patient's liking and is met with surprise and reaction by his close circle. It will be possible to preserve the appearance we want when the applications that are made step by step both do not attract the attention of the people around, do not change the expression, and are carried out intermittently and over time in the advancing aging process. It is possible to achieve a healthier and more beautiful skin with the right choices at the right time. In this regard, the choices should be specific for you.”

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